Peterborough Police Service Update

41st Annual Knights of Columbus Police Appreciation Awards

Civilian Awards:

Michael Milne

Jesse Horrigan

Robert Bestard    

Nominating Officer: PC Jennifer Bell

On January 15, 2019 at approximately 1:30 a.m. citizens Michael Milne, Jesse Horrigan and Robert Bestard saw two men pushing three generators behind a Sherbrooke Street electrical supply store. Due to the time of night, they immediately became suspicious as to where the generators came from. They contacted police and followed the males, who eventually ditched the generators and continued on.

The three citizens continued following the males to the train bridge behind the Holiday Inn where one of the males went over the bridge and the other started heading north on George Street.

They followed the one male all the way to Murray Street, keeping police up to date on their location and description of the male.

PC Jennifer Bell arrived on scene and as a result of the investigation, arrested the male for possession of stolen property.

As a result of my investigation, PC Bell learned that the generators were stolen from a local radio station and had an estimated value of nearly $8,000.

According to nominating officer PC Bell, without the assistance of Mr. Milne, Mr. Horrigan and Mr. Bestard and their willingness to follow these males, this very expensive property would never have been recovered and the crime would have gone unsolved.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank all three citizens for their assistance that day and their willingness to help police. Your actions that night contributed greatly to the successful conclusion of this incident.

Georg Wieczorek

Nominating Officer: Detective Constable Mark Reesor and Victim Services Coordinator Alice Czitrom

This incident is currently before the courts and because of that the information we are able to share at this time is limited.

What we can share is the following:

On August 22 2018, a tragic incident involving a firearm took place in the Home Depot parking lot in Peterborough.

Mr. Wieczorek happened to be at this location at that time, and despite the presence of a firearm and the intense chaos at the scene, Mr. Wieczorek stepped in and helped bring an end to the incident while waiting for police to arrive.

According to nominating officer Detective Constable Mark Reesor and Victim Services Coordinator Alice Czitrom the actions of Mr. Wieczorek were brave and heroic and made the environment safer for civilians and first responders alike.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service it is our sincere pleasure to recognize Mr. Wieczorek at tonight’s ceremony for his bravery and intervention that night that contributed greatly to community safety.

Joseph Woodgate

Simon Woodgate

Nominating Officer: PC Stephen COX

On January 22, 2019 at approximately 10 p.m. Joseph Woodgate and his son Simon were driving in the area of Clonsilla Avenue and Goodfellow Road when they saw an impaired driver.

Joseph continued to follow the driver while Simon called police giving the pertinent details.

Officers were dispatched to the area and located the vehicle in a Lansdowne Street West parking lot.

As a result of the investigation a 60-year-old Mississauga man was arrested and charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with more than the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

The man was also served an automatic 90 day drivers licence suspension and seven day vehicle impoundment.

According to nominating officer PC Stephen Cox both Joseph and Simon should be commended for calling 9-1-1 and providing police with valuable information that ultimately led to the location of the vehicle and the arrest.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would likely to sincerely thank Joseph and Simon for their actions that night that contributed greatly to community safety.

Bob, Natalie and Liam Rodgerson

Nominating Officer: PC Brian Urquhart  

On the morning of November 28, 2018 a male suffered a medical emergency while in his hot tub at his Peterborough home. As a result, the male became submerged under water. Neighbours Bob and Natalie Rodgerson and their son Liam heard the man’s wife yelling for help and immediately ran to her aid.

The Rodgersons removed the male from the hot tub and noticed he was absent of all vital signs. The Rodgersons began life saving CPR measures while 9-1-1 was called and arrived on scene.

According to nominating officer PC Urquhart due to the quick actions of the Rodgerson family the male was resuscitated and made a full recovery. Our community is fortunate to have citizens, such as yourselves, that are willing to help their neighbours in a time of need.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to sincerely thank Bob, Natalie and Liam for their intervention and care and concern that day.

Joelle Kovach

Nominating Officer: PC Jennifer Bell

On the afternoon of September 5, 2018 citizen Joelle Kovach was at her Peterborough home when she saw a man trying to break into her neighbour’s house.

Ms. Kovach immediately called police, provided a detailed description of the suspect and maintained observation on the residence until police arrived on scene.

PC Jennifer Bell and PC Trevor Harrison were first on scene and observed the male inside the residence. The male attempted to flee from police, however was arrested without incident.

The male suspect has a lengthy criminal history of committing residential break and enters and is well known to police. The male had several personal items of the homeowner, including expensive electronics, all of which were recovered.

Residential break and enters are an unfortunate common occurrence and often times go unsolved. These incidents often leave homeowners feeling violated and fearful in their own home, especially when the suspect is not apprehended.

As a result of the investigation the accused in this matter was found guilty.

According to nominating officer PC Bell, Ms. Kovach’s keen observations of the male and willingness to contact the police, it is likely that this incident would have gone unsolved.

Police officers do not work in isolation. They rely on the public to say something if they see something.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would like to thank Ms. Kovach for her assistance and willingness to intervene that day and for being a good neighbour and citizen.

Gord Costain

Nominating Officer: Sergeant Trevor Hickey

Shortly after midnight on August 4, 2018 several 9-1-1 calls were received regarding a male in the downtown core threatening to injury people with syringes.

At the time of the incident, the downtown was busy and George Street was congested with pedestrian traffic.  The male had made his way from the area of George and Sherbrooke Streets until he arrived at a George Street North nightclub.

Citizen Gordon Costain, an employee of the night club, was working at the main entrance, when the male approached him, holding syringes in both hands.

Mr. Costain secured the door to the establishment, in an effort to protect members of the public that were inside.

During the incident the male threatened and lunged at Mr. Costain and he was able to protect himself and other bar staff.

Officers arrived on scene moments later. The male immediately turned his attention toward an officer but the officer was able to apprehend the male and place him under arrest.

As a result of the investigation a 47-year-old Peterborough man was arrested and charged with several offences including assault with a weapon X5, assaulting a peace officer while carrying a weapon and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

According to nominating officer Sgt. Trevor Hickey, Mr. Costain should be commended for the actions he took to de-escalate the situation and ultimately protect members of the public from serious injury.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we would likely to sincerely thank Mr. Costain for his assistance and intervention that day which in turn kept members of the public safe until officers arrived on scene.

John Sanguinetti

Linda Thompson

Steve Magee

Nominating Officer: PC Trevor Harrison

Shortly after 10 a.m. November 24, 2018 citizens Linda Thompson and husband Steve Magee arrived at a Chemong Road store. When they went to park their car they noticed another vehicle unconventionally stopped in the lot. The couple looked inside the vehicle and saw a male driver in his late 60’s unresponsive and having a medical emergency. Ms. Thompson immediately called 9-1-1.

Citizen John Sanguinetti was also in the area and noticed Linda and Steve at the vehicle. Mr. Sanguinetti immediately pulled the male out of the driver’s seat and onto the ground. Noticing the male was unresponsive, Mr. Sanguinetti immediately began CPR. Mr. Magee ensured the safety of the area from traffic so that Mr. Sanguinetti could continue CPR.

PC Trevor Harrison arrived on scene as Mr. Sanguinetti continued CPR.

Mr. Sanguinetti remained calm and able to continue his CPR under the supervision of PC Harrison, which allowed officers the opportunity to secure and control the scene for everyone’s safety and allow for the anticipated arrival of EMS.

Upon EMS arrival, the male was transported to a local hospital where he placed into the intensive care unit. Unfortunately a week after the incident the male passed away due to his health complications.

According to nominating officer PC Harrison, the actions of Mr. Sanguinetti, Mr. Magee and Ms. Thompson that day allowed for the continuation of the male’s life and provided his family the opportunity to spend time with him before his passing in a peaceful setting.

Mr. Magee and Ms. Thompson kept in touch with the family and continued to offer their support even after the gentleman had passed.

It is our pleasure to recognize Mr. Sanguinetti, Mr. Magee and Ms. Thompson for their willingness to intervene, the help they provided to first responders and for the care and compassion they showed that day toward a complete stranger.

On behalf of the Peterborough Police Service we sincerely thank-you.

Carol Winter Humanitarian Award

Constable Jason Cannon

Constable Jason Cannon recipient of the 2019 Carol Winter Humanitarian Award.

Constable Jason Cannon recipient of the 2019 Carol Winter Humanitarian Award.

Presented by Inspector Neil Collins 

Good evening,

I stand before you tonight wearing two hats as Inspector in charge of our Service’s Investigative Services Division and also as the Board Chair of the Peterborough Social Planning Council.

It was through my involvement with the Social Planning Council that I had the pleasure, and the honour, of meeting Carol Winter.

Carol sadly passed away in October of 2017 at the age of 75.

Carol touched the lives of countless people in Peterborough through her unselfish devotion of helping the homeless and marginalized population in our community.

She was very articulate and a strong advocate for inequalities faced by far too many people.

Carol always shied away from attention and recognition, wanting instead for the limelight to be shone on the issues in need of attention, not on her efforts to affect change.

When Carol passed away, Peterborough lost a compassionate heart and a true friend to many.

It was not an easy decision for the Peterborough Social Planning Council as we were aware of her most humble nature and never wanting any recognition, but ultimately it was unanimous to name an award in Carol’s honour that would be awarded to a member of the Police Service who has contributed to the needs of the vulnerable in our community.

Tonight I am thrilled to recognize Constable Jason Cannon as the 2019 recipient of the Carol Winter award.

Jason is in his 14th year of policing with our Service, and prior to that he was a correctional officer with the federal system.

Where others would be prone to judge, Jason always approached his duties with empathy and understanding for individuals that were “caught up and trapped within the system”.

Years ago, Jason was one of the first officers to receive Crisis Invention training to enhance his abilities when interacting with persons in crisis.

Jason’s sincere desire to help people made him an obvious choice to pilot our new Mobile Crisis Intervention Team that has him partnered with a Canadian Mental Health Association worker to address calls for service that involve persons dealing with mental health issues.

With the love and support of his wife, Shannon, and their three children, Jason has been a role model for his peers, and has demonstrated over and over that he is committed to helping the less fortunate.

Thank you Jason, congratulations and very well deserved!


Robert Lewis Bursary

Constable Megan Mattos

Presented by Robert Lewis 

Constable Megan Mattos recipient of the 2019 Bob Lewis Bursary.

Constable Megan Mattos recipient of the 2019 Bob Lewis Bursary.




Constable Megan Mattos was born and raised in Peterborough County.

After graduating from Lakefield District Secondary School Megan attended The University of Western Ontario where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Psychology with a Minor in French Studies.

After returning home she completed the Police Foundations program at Fleming College graduating on the Dean’s Honour List and as the 2013 recipient of the Peterborough Police Service Chief’s Award.

In 2014 Megan was hired as a Special Constable with the Peterborough Police.

Megan has been a board member for the Peterborough AIDS Resource Network (PARN), a volunteer with the Service’s Safe and Sound at Home program for Seniors and a member of the Canadian Pony Club.
Megan currently volunteers with the Circles of Support and Accountability who work with Federal Parolees to monitor and support community re-integration.

She has a passion for motorcycles and last summer attended motorcycle racing school.

In January 2018 Megan was hired as a Constable with the Peterborough Police Service and in the Spring of 2018 graduated from the Ontario Police College with a 97% overall mark.

Congratulations to Constable Mattos!


Police Exemplary Service Awards 

Detective Constable Karen O'Brien receiving the 20 Year Exemplary Police Service Medal.

Detective Constable Karen O’Brien receiving the 20 Year Exemplary Police Service Medal.


Detective Constable Brent Mason                                                                             20 Year Medal

Detective Constable Sean Nusink                                                                              20 Year Medal

Detective Constable Karen O’Brien                                                                           20 Year Medal

Constable Erin Prodonick                                                                                           20 Year Medal


Police Exemplary Bios for Members Attending the Ceremony:

Detective Constable Karen O’Brien

Detective Constable Karen O’Brien was born in White Rock, British Columbia and moved to London, Ontario then later to Oshawa where she attended Donovan Collegiate.

Following high school Detective Constable O’Brien attended Carleton University in Ottawa where she completed a degree in criminology.

She became interested in a career in policing because of her Dad, retired RCMP Sergeant Earl O’Brien, who is here tonight along with her Mom Joan.

Detective Constable O’Brien has been on platoon working in areas including Traffic Services and is currently in the Criminal Investigations Unit where she investigates sexual assaults and human trafficking.

She likes that every day is different and that through her profession she gets to meet new and interesting people.

Detective Constable O’Brien would like to thank her husband Burke, their kids Patrick and Caillen and Dr. Mike Burger for their support and understanding through the years .

She would also like to thank the police service and the Knights of Columbus for hosting this event.

30 Year Service Pin to Civilian Members

Marnie Ayotte

Lorry Farthing



Knights of Columbus

Police Officer of the Year 2019

Constable Thomas Whiteway 

Constable Thomas Whiteway recipient of the 2019 Knights of Columbus Police Officer of the Year Award standing with Chief Scott Gilbert.

Constable Thomas Whiteway recipient of the 2019 Knights of Columbus Police Officer of the Year Award standing with Chief Scott Gilbert.




On the morning of December 27, 2018 a fatal fire took place in the City of Peterborough.

While on general patrol Constable Thomas Whiteway identified the fire.

On his initial approach to the structure, that held three attached townhouse type residences, Constable Whiteway immediately identified one of the unit’s as being filled with smoke and flames.

Constable Whiteway made repeated attempts to gain entry into the unit before being forced back by intense heat and smoke. At the same time he updated assigning units over the radio with critical information about location and occupants.

Sergeant Ted Branch witnessed Constable Whitway directing occupants out of the burning townhouse and away from the residences then moving to the next door neighbour where he gained entry and began calmly evacuating the confused and terrified residents.

Constable Whiteway’s observations and tactical response saved numerous lives during this incident.

Fire officials on scene stated that the approximately three minutes saved by police locating the fire were critical in safely evacuating the occupants of the connected residences and in their ability to save the remaining structure.


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